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Earlier this year we spoke about our love for the foliage detailing in weddings (which we are definitely still fans of),  however we thought we should also mention another one of our favourite trends- watercolour wedding stationery.

The versatility of the watercolour trend is what makes it so great. Whether you opt for a minimalistic design, or go all out with geometric & foil details- it all works. In our Foliage Details blog post, we mentioned our Watercolour Flora collection which ties in both trends perfectly.  However since this post we have had the opportunity to work with different watercolour designs we are excited to share.

The watercolour trend is extremely easy to be perfectly tailored to your theme. Whether you want a full watercolour image of your venue, floral watercolour details or even a full watercolour background- the theme is ideal for so many weddings with it’s romantic feel and effortless style.

love invited watercolour designs

  1. One of our lovely couples, Erin & Christopher decided on a watercolour background for their stationery design. Although the watercolour was the main feature, the use of a muted purple ensured the design was still romantic & soft to fit in with their lavish wedding venue ‘Mottram Hall’
  2. If you like the idea of incorporating watercolour into an image, why not take some inspiration from Emma & Stephen’s ski themed stationery, where watercolour was used to add details to the design.
  3. Finally, if you are taking the ‘go big or go home approach’ on the watercolour trend, why not opt for a hint of foil in your design like Mel & Adam did? This couple teamed a muted pink watercolour background with rose gold foiling and it looked great (if we do say so ourselves!)


Looking for a watercolour design for your wedding? Make sure to get in touch to see how we can fit the trend to suit your big day. (ps, we also do lots of other lovely designs & bespoke too! You can check these out here.)


Gorgeous Greens: Foliage Details

Greenery has been having it’s big moment on the wedding scene recently, and rightly so, with the trend being so adaptable to different styles. The way foliage is used within weddings has expanded into stationery, table settings and even replacing traditional bouquets. Foliage can be classed as the main theme, but we are also seeing mini themes within this in the form of ‘Rustic Foliage’, ‘Organic Foliage’ and ‘Modern Foliage’ which shows that greenery can cater for many different tastes.

Here at Love Invited we love this trend, especially as we think it can work for both a summer and winter wedding with just the alteration of a few colours here and there. Our ‘Watercolour Flora’ collection reflects this perfectly, we have taken the trend and adapted it to be subtle and versatile depending on what our Brides & Grooms want. All colours & wording on our collection pieces are customisable which means we have made it easy for you to tailor the trend to suit you.

We have recently had the pleasure of working with a lovely couple called ‘Ed & Amy’, who chose our the Watercolour Flora design to compliment their big day. They ever so kindly sent us over their wedding photos so we are able to share with you some lovely snaps from their day, taken by the Talented Nicola Gough. We are thrilled to see this design work so well at their wedding, with the style being complimented by the foliage details in the decor of their venue and even their cake!

Ed & Amy Nicola Gough Photography Foliage Ed & Amy Nicola Gough Photography Foliage Ed & Amy Nicola Gough Photography FoliageAll photography by Nicola Gough.

We love seeing our designs come to life at your weddings! For more information on how we can help with your wedding stationery, or even if you would just like to see what we do – head over here!



Wedding invitations are exciting – they set the tone for your big day and let guests know where to be and when, but what else? Many people struggle knowing what information to include on their invitations but it all varies depending on what you want.

Your invitations need to cover the 5 W’s- who, what, where, when and why! Once that’s covered you can start to think of any extra details you may want to share with your guests ahead of your big day. We have made it nice and easy for you and listed a few ideas you may like to consider!


RSVP’s are essential to finding out who will be joining you on your big day. Opting for an RSVP postcard to go alongside your invitations will give your guests an easy and simple way to respond to your invite. All they need to do is fill it in, pop a stamp on and post it back!

Country Rustic RSVP


You may be offering your guests a choice of meal at your wedding breakfast, so this is a great thing to include with your invitations. This could even tie in with your RSVP’s!

Flora & Fauna Invitation Menu

A Map

Is your dream venue a little further afield? Why not include a map or directions for your guests which they can use on the day and avoid anyone getting lost on the way to your ceremony!

Accommodation Options

For guests travelling a little further for your big day, or even those who want to make a night of it – a helpful idea is to offer a few accommodation options of nearby hotels & b&b’s. We normally say no more than 3 or 4 though.

Watercolour Flora Information Card

Dress code

You don’t want someone turning up to your black tie wedding in a casual shirt and jeans, so why not drop a few hints to your guests and include a dress code. Although this isn’t essential, guests will appreciate the guidance!


This isn’t to say you are expecting gifts, but having a nice note in case anyone wants to get you a gift is a great way to steer them in the right direction. A lovely example of this would be “You joining us at our wedding is a gift itself so please do not feel you need to bring us a gift. However, if you insist on a gift we would greatly appreciate a contribution to our honeymoon.” You could also say this in more words in the form of a poem!

Notes about the little ones

As many people do prefer only children in their close family attending their wedding, it may be an idea to include a nice, polite note letting your guests know this and also an excuse for them to have the night off!

Of course, it all depends on what you want- after all, this is your wedding and we are here to help create the perfect stationery for your special day.


The little details on your wedding day are sometimes the things guests remember the most but these are easily forgotten when the focus is on your venue, dress, invitations and everything else necessary for a wedding to run smoothly. We are here to talk you through any little extras which may have slipped your mind or even offer you a bit of inspiration to help you plan your big day.

Your wedding stationery is an important part of your day and is the first impression your guests will receive. There are many options you can take with your stationery, some more obvious than others, which is why we have listed below a few extras  you might like to consider…

Save The Dates

Many people start with the wedding invitation, but if you’re wedding is a little while away, why not send out a save the date to your guests? These are a great idea if you have a date in mind but nothing else set in stone. Your invitation can be sent out at a later date with all the necessary information, so this is a great way to let people know when you’re getting married!

Hearts and Lanterns Save The Date


An important part of your wedding invitation is an RSVP– it is crucial you know how many guests will be joining you on your big day and a nice way of making sure of this is including a separate RSVP when sending out your invitations. If you are offering menu choices your RSVP can also include a section where your guest can select their food choice for the wedding breakfast too.

Watercolour Flora RSVP


The wedding breakfast- a much anticipated time for guests after the ceremony. If you are offering your guests a choice for their meal, it’s a nice idea to send out a menu with the invitations and ask them to respond with their choice on your RSVP cards. If you are having a set menu, on the day stationery reminding people what they are having is also a nice touch (because chances are people will forget!)

Hearts & Bicycles Table Menu

Table Plans

The best way to let your guests know where they will be sitting (without the awkward walking around the tables looking for your name), is a table plan. Whether you want small individual cards for each table or one large framed table plan  positioned at the entrance of the room – this will be seen as a great addition for your guests.

Watercolour Flora Table Plan


Name Cards

Name cards on your tables may seem an obvious choice for on the day stationery, but did you know we can also print your guests menu choices or personal message on the back too?

Flora & Fauna Place Card

Wedding Timeline

As a guest at a wedding you want to know what’s happening on the day. A great, creative way of doing this could be by creating a wedding timeline which shows guests the different activities which will take part throughout the day. Again, similar to the table plan this could be individual to each guest or displayed as a large timeline for everyone to see.

As well as a wedding timeline, many people opt for an order of the day or order of service which again can be personalised to you and your day.

Country Rustic Order of the Day


You may have decided to have little extras at your reception such as a sweet cart or maybe a prosecco bar (which every guests loves!). A way to show off your extras could be signage to let guests know what you have on offer. So why not invite your guests to ‘Pimp up their Prosecco’ or ‘Take a sweet treat’.

Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are a lovely and personal way to thank your guests for coming to celebrate your wedding day with you. These can be personalised with a photo from your day  and lets your friends and family know it wouldn’t have been the same without them.


Country Bunting Thank You Card

There are endless options of little details you can consider for your big day, we’re not here to say you need them all but to give you an idea of what we can do to help make your wedding special. Why not get in touch with us and discuss any ideas you have? We would love to hear them.