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… to your Bridesmaids!

After getting engaged it may all seem a whirlwind of celebrations, venue browsing, theme deciding and dress trying but one of the most exciting things to decide on is your all important bridal party. How many bridesmaids do you want? Who will be your maid of honour? Who do you choose to be part of your bridal party? Maybe you decide not to have bridesmaids, but if you do, you will also think about how you’re going to ask them.

The Big Question

Asking your bridesmaids can be just as exciting for them (& you), as the moment the big question was asked. Your bridal party are the ones who help you decide on your dream dress, plan the best hen party and even help with the little details of your day so why not make popping the question to them a little bit special?

There are many creative ways you can ask your friend/family member to be a part of your special day, but why not keep it simple with a personalised print which can be framed and turned into a keepsake afterwards?

The Keepsake Print

We have popped a few images in of some of the cards we offer, but we can do them in any style you like! We especially love the ones which are finished with a foil detail making them that little bit more special.

Ready to ask?

Get in touch to order your bridesmaids/maid of honour cards and see how we can personalise them for you. Simply drop us an email here or call on 0161 883 0079.


Earlier this year we spoke about our love for the foliage detailing in weddings (which we are definitely still fans of),  however we thought we should also mention another one of our favourite trends- watercolour wedding stationery.

The versatility of the watercolour trend is what makes it so great. Whether you opt for a minimalistic design, or go all out with geometric & foil details- it all works. In our Foliage Details blog post, we mentioned our Watercolour Flora collection which ties in both trends perfectly.  However since this post we have had the opportunity to work with different watercolour designs we are excited to share.

The watercolour trend is extremely easy to be perfectly tailored to your theme. Whether you want a full watercolour image of your venue, floral watercolour details or even a full watercolour background- the theme is ideal for so many weddings with it’s romantic feel and effortless style.

love invited watercolour designs

  1. One of our lovely couples, Erin & Christopher decided on a watercolour background for their stationery design. Although the watercolour was the main feature, the use of a muted purple ensured the design was still romantic & soft to fit in with their lavish wedding venue ‘Mottram Hall’
  2. If you like the idea of incorporating watercolour into an image, why not take some inspiration from Emma & Stephen’s ski themed stationery, where watercolour was used to add details to the design.
  3. Finally, if you are taking the ‘go big or go home approach’ on the watercolour trend, why not opt for a hint of foil in your design like Mel & Adam did? This couple teamed a muted pink watercolour background with rose gold foiling and it looked great (if we do say so ourselves!)


Looking for a watercolour design for your wedding? Make sure to get in touch to see how we can fit the trend to suit your big day. (ps, we also do lots of other lovely designs & bespoke too! You can check these out here.)


Working with so many lovely couples means we also find out about a lot of different venues and come across some which we instantly fall in love with! There are so many wedding venues out there, all with features perfect for different couples. We thought we would round up a few of our favourites and show you the stationery we designed to go alongside each one.


1. Owen House Barn

The Venue: 

We love this wedding venue for it’s rustic charms and unique concept. Based on a working farm, the barn venue offers a countryside charm and even boasts a bridal prep room!

The Stationery:

Charlotte & Jonathan, who we met at the National Wedding Show, Manchester chose their stationery from the  ‘Country Rustic’  collection. They had a full range of stationery from save the dates all the way through to place cards and table plans, ensuring the theme ran throughout every piece.

Images of venue taken from Owen House Barn Facebook page

2. Eaves Hall

The Venue:

If your looking for a traditional country house for your venue then look no further than Eaves Hall. Situated in Ribble Valley, you can choose between beautiful gardens or luxury interior rooms to host your wedding.

The Stationery: 

To compliment this grand, elegant space the lovely couple David & Samantha opted for our ‘Art Deco’ collection to set the tone for their big day.

Images of venue taken from Eaves Hall Facebook Page



3. Mitton Hall

The Venue: 

Described as having the ‘charm of a stately home, yet with the intimacy of a rural bolt-hole’, Mitton Hall has some beautiful features for a wedding. The venue also offers a conservatory with riverside views which will be a perfect spot for your photographs.

The Stationery:

With Mitton Hall boasting beautiful, romantic features our ‘Vintage Chic’ collection fit in perfectly for Charlotte & George’s wedding.

Images of venue taken from Mitton Hall Facebook page

4. Great John Street Hotel

The Venue: 

Looking for something a little more urban? The Great John Street Hotel is situated in Manchester city centre and offers various different areas which are a perfect fit for a wedding. What was once a victorian school house is now a luxury townhouse hotel boasting elegant rooms, a rooftop bar and ‘playground’.

The Stationery:

We worked with Tamara & Michael, on their wedding stationery who opted for a chalkboard/school theme to fit in with the old victorian school venue. This meant the history of the venue teamed with the creative stationery design suited their theme completely.

great john street hotel manchester
Images of venue taken from Great John Street Hotel Facebook page

Your Wedding

Whether you have found your perfect venue and want the stationery to match, or even if you need inspiration and ideas- we are more than happy to help. Get in touch with us here to see how we can help.


When deciding on your wedding stationery you will probably have a few questions you want to ask your stationer about their process, timings and costs. To help answer some of those queries we have pulled together our top ten most frequently asked questions and answered them for you, hopefully helping to clarify a few things.

Of course if your question isn’t answered below, please feel free to get in touch with us so we can try and help!

Our Top Ten Questions

When should I send my invites?

This question is one the majority of people want answering, so we decided to write a full blog post on ‘Your Wedding Stationery timings’ which will hopefully put your mind at ease. Generally we advise you send your invitations out around 6-8 months before your wedding date, this gives your guests enough time to reply and plan to make sure they can attend your big day! It also gives you the time you need to arrange any final details especially the all important on the day stationery

Do I need a save the date?

If you have confirmed your venue and date, but the wedding is more than a year in advance then we recommend sending out save the dates just to make sure everyone you want to be there, can be. If your wedding, however, is less than a year away, you may opt to skip the Save The Dates and send out your invitations straight away. It’s entirely up to you and don’t be afraid to skip them if you don’t feel you need them!

Can I change the colour on a design?

Yes of course! You can take any of our designs as they are, or we are more than happy to help customise the design to you by matching colour schemes at no extra cost.

Can you print foil?

Yes we can- and it’s affordable! We are now able to offer foiling on any of your wedding stationery from an additional £1 per side. You can read more about our foiling here.

What are your minimum quantities?

We have a minimum order of 25 for our items (with the exception of the seating/table plan/table names or numbers). This is so we can cater for both intimate and bigger weddings.

Can I customise the wording?

Yes no problem, everyone’s situation and wedding is different which is why we think it is important you can tailor your wording to suit you. We do have some popular wording options available to help if you need a little guidance on what to write! Why not have a read of our blog post on ‘Your Wedding Stationery Wording’?

Can I see a visual of my invite before it gets printed?

Definitely! We always send a visual pdf on email of your design to you for approval before we send anything to print – we want to make sure you are 100% happy with everything before you full order is printed.

What is your turnaround time?

In general the whole process, from enquiry to receiving your stationery, usually takes 3-4 weeks (working to your time scale). We aim to dispatch your order within 10 working days from receipt of your final approval.

Do I have to order online?

Not at all – if you prefer you can call us directly on 0161 883 0079, email Amanda on, or even come into our Rochdale office and make an order face to face.

How much do bespoke designs cost?

If you like one of our bespoke designs already created and would only like minor changes, we would only charge £25 for the design of the stationery. If, however, you would like a brand new design, fully bespoke to yourself we would usually charge around £50-£75 for the new design set up fee.

We hope you found us answering these questions helpful, and if you are still wondering about anything please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.


Gorgeous Greens: Foliage Details

Greenery has been having it’s big moment on the wedding scene recently, and rightly so, with the trend being so adaptable to different styles. The way foliage is used within weddings has expanded into stationery, table settings and even replacing traditional bouquets. Foliage can be classed as the main theme, but we are also seeing mini themes within this in the form of ‘Rustic Foliage’, ‘Organic Foliage’ and ‘Modern Foliage’ which shows that greenery can cater for many different tastes.

Here at Love Invited we love this trend, especially as we think it can work for both a summer and winter wedding with just the alteration of a few colours here and there. Our ‘Watercolour Flora’ collection reflects this perfectly, we have taken the trend and adapted it to be subtle and versatile depending on what our Brides & Grooms want. All colours & wording on our collection pieces are customisable which means we have made it easy for you to tailor the trend to suit you.

We have recently had the pleasure of working with a lovely couple called ‘Ed & Amy’, who chose our the Watercolour Flora design to compliment their big day. They ever so kindly sent us over their wedding photos so we are able to share with you some lovely snaps from their day, taken by the Talented Nicola Gough. We are thrilled to see this design work so well at their wedding, with the style being complimented by the foliage details in the decor of their venue and even their cake!

Ed & Amy Nicola Gough Photography Foliage Ed & Amy Nicola Gough Photography Foliage Ed & Amy Nicola Gough Photography FoliageAll photography by Nicola Gough.

We love seeing our designs come to life at your weddings! For more information on how we can help with your wedding stationery, or even if you would just like to see what we do – head over here!



It’s Show Time!

Show season is nearly upon us and this year we are kicking it off with The National Wedding Show at Event City, Manchester on 10th & 11th March 2018! We will be setting up our stall to showcase our designs and answer any burning questions you may have about your wedding stationery. Last years NWS gave us the chance to meet so many lovely couples and hopefully we were able to help a few of you along the way. If you want to see what we thought about the last show you can check out our blog post here.

We also have some complimentary tickets to give away to March’s show in Manchester, if you would like to come along and say hello, simply get in touch with us and we will send over the details of how to redeem your free tickets. The National Wedding Show is great way to see everything we have to offer, all in one go.

Until then we will be busy prepping and planning to make sure we wow you with our stand! If you would like to have a peek at our current collections you can find them here.

National Wedding Show 2017 wedding stationery




First of all – Congratulations on your engagement! This is an exciting time for you both and you’re probably now thinking…what next?

To begin with, you need to decide on what wedding stationery you will be wanting. As a guide we put together a blog post called ‘The Little Details’ which gives you a run down on all wedding stationery that isn’t as obvious as the invite! After you have decided, the next question you will probably ask is “when do I send out my save the dates/invitations?’/ ‘how far in advance do I need my table plan and place cards?’/ ‘how long does it take to get my wedding stationery?’ We have put together this post to hopefully shed some light on these questions for you…

Before you continue please remember that this is simply a guide, timings and everything else need to suit you and it is important you don’t panic if you don’t get your invites out at the recommended time! It’s your wedding – your rules.

Wedding Stationery Timings

Save The Dates

Save The Dates are a popular option for couples who have booked their wedding venue a year or more in advance. If you have your venue and date confirmed, there is no harm in sending out your Save The Dates straight away to give your guests as much notice as possible, to ensure that everyone you want to be there can be. Others may suggest sending your Save The Dates out around 6-8 months in advance, but from experience we find that sending them out a little earlier, if you can, is a good option.


Save The Dates aren’t a necessity, and if you have booked your venue with less than a year to go, we suggest skipping the Save The Dates and focus straight onto your invitations (only if you want to!). If you do opt for no Save The Date, we advise sending out your wedding invitations 6-8 months before the wedding, however if you have sent out Save The Dates, you can always hold off a little longer and send around 3 months before the wedding.

On The Day Stationery

Getting your on the day stationery ready will typically depend on your RSVP’s. We advise setting your RSVP date 8 weeks before the wedding so that you have 8 weeks to get your order of service/order of the daytable plan, table numbers, place cards and menus in order for the wedding day. If you wanted to start planning earlier, an option could be to simply hold off confirming the finer details like your guests names and final quantities until you receive your replies. Here at Love Invited we only need a maximum of 4 weeks to get everything ready for you, but there is no harm in starting earlier!

Another thing to always consider is whether your wedding falls within school holidays or at Christmas. If it does, you may want to give your guests (and the postman) a little bit more of a heads up so everyone can plan in advance and make sure they can attend.

If you need any more information on timings & your wedding stationery please feel free to get in touch– we are more than happy to help!


Foil Wedding Stationery

Foil wedding stationery seems to be having it’s moment in the spotlight, and for good reason! We love the way foil can transform any piece of wedding stationery into something extra special for your big day. A lot of the time, using foil on your stationery is seen as expensive and unrealistic, but luckily for you, we have found a way to make it easier for everyone to have a little shimmer.

We are very excited to announce we are now able to offer our customers foil wedding stationery at a very reasonable price! From an additional £1 per side you can add silver, gold or rose gold foil detail to your favourite designs.

We have created some amazing foil designs in the past which is why we are so excited to be able to offer a high quality foil service at a lower price! The various foil colour options means you can add foil to any of our designs and it will work – of course, if you wanted a bespoke design creating with foiling we can do that too! Why not browse our designs here and see what you think?

foil wedding stationery



Once you have decided on the perfect wedding invitations design, it’s time to decide on your wording. You can be formal & traditional or casual & creative – it’s completely up to you, as long as you have all the necessary information in there.

Day Invitations

day wedding invitations together with parents wording

The Hosts

The first question to ask would be ‘who is hosting the wedding?’ Traditionally, the Brides parents host the wedding, which is where you may use something similar to the following…


Paul & Denise Joseph

Request the pleasure of your company to celebrate the marriage of their daughter

Olivia Rose Joseph


Nicolas James Hurst


If however, you are going down a less traditional route and wanted it to be a whole family hosting, something like the following may be more suitable…


Together with their parents/families

Olivia Rose Joseph & Nicolas James Hurst

Request the pleasure of your company to celebrate their marriage


Finally, if you want to host your wedding as a couple, an option of wording may be…


Olivia Rose Joseph & Nicolas James Hurst

Request the pleasure of your company to celebrate their marriage

Date & Time

After you have decided who is inviting your guests (this is completely your choice & whatever suits you!), you will need to let your guests know the date, venue & time of your wedding. This can be as informal or formal as you like, here is a popular example…


On Saturday 3rd September 2018

at 2.00 pm

Mitton Hall

Mitton Road, Clitheroe BB7 9PQ


When noting the time of your wedding, we recommend you put on the time you want your guests to sit down by, and not the ceremony time as you want to make sure the only person late is the Bride! If you are having an evening reception at the same venue as your ceremony, you may decide to opt for something similar to “With an evening reception to follow” after the address. However, if your evening venue differs from the day you will need to include this address on your invitation also.


Followed by dinner and dancing at

Styal Lodge, Styal Golf Club, Station Road, Cheshire SK9 4JN


Finally, it is important you also include an RSVP date on your invitation. Usually, we advise to set this 8 weeks before your wedding date so you have time to make necessary arrangements including your on the day wedding stationery (which we can also help you with). You can also advise how to RSVP on your actual invite, or if preferred, include a separate RSVP postcard for your guests to return to you.


Please RSVP by 9th July 2018 to


RSVP menu choice wedding wording

As we previously mentioned above, some couples decide to only add the RSVP date to their invitation, and have a separate card with the rest of the information on.


Kindly reply by 9th July 2018 by returning the card enclosed


If you do decide to opt for a separate RSVP card, this is a good opportunity to request guests meal choices, or even playlist suggestions. The most popular RSVP card is the post card style, where your address is pre printed on the back with a space for a stamp – quick and easy for your guests to post back.

Our Playlist

We’re taking song requests!

Let us know what song will get you up and dancing.

If it’s not too questionable it might get played

Evening Invitations



We recommend your evening invitations being a scaled back version of your day invites. Remove any information that doesn’t apply to the evening and include a message to let your guests know that this is an invitation to the evening reception.


Olivia Rose Joseph & Nicolas James Hurst

Request the pleasure of your company to celebrate their marriage

on Saturday 3rd September 2018

At 7.30PM

Styal Lodge, Styal Golf Club, Station Road, Cheshire SK9 4JN

For an evening reception


Additional Information Cards

Additional information wedding gifts accommodation wording

Additional information cards are a great way to let your guests know about accommodation, dress codes or even a gift message.


Gift messages are tricky, as you probably don’t want to seem like you’re expecting a present, but trust us, your guests will appreciate the guidance. Here’s a popular and simple message example requesting a contribution towards the honeymoon.


Your presence at our wedding is gift enough,

but if you do wish to buy us something, a contribution towards our

dream honeymoon would be greatly appreciated.

Little Ones

Another tricky one is letting guests know if you are not inviting children, this is completely your decision but of course you don’t want to offend anyone. Here is an example of how you may want to word it…


Little Ones

As much as we would like to invite all the children of our friends and family, we have made the difficult decision to accommodate the children of immediate family only.

We hope that you see this as an opportunity to enjoy an adult only day, let your hair down and enjoy the celebration with us.


Moving away onto easier subjects, letting your guests know about accommodation options at your venue or nearby is a nice little extra which will be appreciated. You can opt for something similar to the below, or even go further by adding a few options of places to stay in there too (we recommend only suggesting a maximum of 3 options)


Accommodation at the venue is unfortunately limited.

There are a number of hotels and B&B’s in the area.

Please book soon to avoid disappointment.

Dress Code

Finally, if you are wanting your guests to follow a dress code you will need to let them know…


Dress Code
Ladies – Fabulous hats are encouraged
Gents – Kilts or Top Hats would be superb


The most important thing to remember is that the above examples are a guide only, We will accommodate whatever format and wording you would like so make sure it suits you. We hope the above examples have helped even just a little bit. If you have any questions on your wedding stationery give us a call or drop us an email – we are always here to help!




Wedding invitations are exciting – they set the tone for your big day and let guests know where to be and when, but what else? Many people struggle knowing what information to include on their invitations but it all varies depending on what you want.

Your invitations need to cover the 5 W’s- who, what, where, when and why! Once that’s covered you can start to think of any extra details you may want to share with your guests ahead of your big day. We have made it nice and easy for you and listed a few ideas you may like to consider!


RSVP’s are essential to finding out who will be joining you on your big day. Opting for an RSVP postcard to go alongside your invitations will give your guests an easy and simple way to respond to your invite. All they need to do is fill it in, pop a stamp on and post it back!

Country Rustic RSVP


You may be offering your guests a choice of meal at your wedding breakfast, so this is a great thing to include with your invitations. This could even tie in with your RSVP’s!

Flora & Fauna Invitation Menu

A Map

Is your dream venue a little further afield? Why not include a map or directions for your guests which they can use on the day and avoid anyone getting lost on the way to your ceremony!

Accommodation Options

For guests travelling a little further for your big day, or even those who want to make a night of it – a helpful idea is to offer a few accommodation options of nearby hotels & b&b’s. We normally say no more than 3 or 4 though.

Watercolour Flora Information Card

Dress code

You don’t want someone turning up to your black tie wedding in a casual shirt and jeans, so why not drop a few hints to your guests and include a dress code. Although this isn’t essential, guests will appreciate the guidance!


This isn’t to say you are expecting gifts, but having a nice note in case anyone wants to get you a gift is a great way to steer them in the right direction. A lovely example of this would be “You joining us at our wedding is a gift itself so please do not feel you need to bring us a gift. However, if you insist on a gift we would greatly appreciate a contribution to our honeymoon.” You could also say this in more words in the form of a poem!

Notes about the little ones

As many people do prefer only children in their close family attending their wedding, it may be an idea to include a nice, polite note letting your guests know this and also an excuse for them to have the night off!

Of course, it all depends on what you want- after all, this is your wedding and we are here to help create the perfect stationery for your special day.